Upcoming appearances this spring and summer!

I’m getting ready to hit the road for a bunch of conventions! If you’re near any of these places, I’d love to see you there. I’d be pleased to shake your hand, make you a Roll-a-Sketch, or whatever!

Note as well that I’m not always listed in show programs or directories under my name, or Wondermark: sometimes I’m with TopatoCo, other times with other groups — but I always try to mention my location for each show here on the site in advance, so be sure to check in.

PLUS OF COURSE I perform improv comedy every other Monday night at M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica, CA with my house team “Cool Boss”! Those shows are always FREE so STOP ON BY.

April 26-28: Calgary Comics Expo
May 11-12: Toronto Comic Arts Festival
May 18-19: Maker Faire Bay Area (San Mateo CA)
May 23-26: Phoenix Comicon (First time!)
May 31-June 2: MaxFunCon (Lake Arrowhead CA)
June 2: Machine of Death x 826LA Benefit Party (Los Angeles)
June 22-23: Renegade Craft Fair (Brooklyn) (First time!)
July 11-14: Readercon (Burlington MA)
July 18-21: San Diego Comic-Con
Aug 29-Sept 2: Worldcon/LoneStarCon 3 (San Antonio)
August 15-18: Gen Con (Indianapolis) (First time!)
September 14-15: Small Press Expo (Bethesda MD)

boom I hope I SEE YOU THERE!

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