Stuff to make you feel OLD!!

Here are a few facts to BLOW YOUR MIND if you want to feel OLD!!!

  • Latvia’s post-Cold War declaration of independence happened closer to the moon landing than the present day.
  • The release of New Coke happened closer to Alaska becoming a U.S. state than the present day.
  • The Bay of Pigs invasion happened closer to Mussolini’s assumption of power in Italy than to the capture of Saddam Hussein in his spider hole.
  • The Los Angeles Summer Olympics happened closer to the founding of the Republic of Bangladesh than to the release of Windows 98.
  • The premiere of the first film featuring Donald Duck happened closer to the present day than to the succession of King Johann to the throne of Saxony.
  • The Battle of Guadalcanal happened closer to the ratification of the Twenty-Third Amendment than to the birth of Russian lexicographer Vladimir Dal.
  • Venezuela’s declaration of independence from Spain happened closer to the same declaration by Paraguay than to the present day.
  • The formation of the universe happened closer to the Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary than the present day.
  • The succession of Osman III (1754–1757) as Ottoman Emperor, replacing Mahmud I, happened closer to John Flamsteed’s initial sighting of Uranus than to my graduation from high school.
  • The first flight of the Space Shuttle happened closer to the present day than to the Battle of Agincourt.

Ha ha, you’re OLD!!!

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