2010 Appearance Schedule (I need your help!)

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It’s somehow February already, and it’s high time to figure out where I’ll be hauling my miserable carcass to over the coming months. I really love traveling to comic conventions and other events, and it’s an essential part of my business as well — so besides looking forward to the regular shows every year, I’ve always got my eyes peeled for new and fun venues to exhibit at.

Below is my tentative list of 2010 appearances: the titles in green are confirmed, while the titles in red are under consideration. Each trip is a pretty serious undertaking, involving travel and lodging and so on, so I try to get a pretty good idea in advance (as much as possible) of whether it’ll be a decent show before I commit.

Which is why I’d love your help! The shows in red are ones I either don’t know that much about, or am not sure if it’s right for my stuff, or don’t know if it’d be worth the trip business-wise. Really, I’d just love to get an idea of whether anybody would come.

You guys are collectively much smarter than me.  If you have any thoughts about the shows listed in red (positive or negative), would like to pipe up to represent a local perspective, or would like to suggest a show I may have missed, please do so in the comments!

February 12-13: Bazaar Bizarre, Cleveland OH nope

February 20: Long Beach One Day Comic Expo, Long Beach CA

March 13-14: Emerald City Comicon, Seattle

March 26-28: Comicpalooza, Houston TX (tentative)

April 2-4: WonderCon, San Francisco

April 10-11: MoCCA Art Festival, New York City

April 16-18: Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

April 24-25: Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

April 30-May 1: ROFLCon, Cambridge MA (tentative)

May 8-9: Toronto Comic Arts Festival

May 15-16: Renegade Craft Fair, Austin TX

May 22-23: Bazaar Bizarre at Maker Faire, San Mateo CA

May 28-31: World Steam Expo, Dearborn MI

June 4-6: Heroes Con, Charlotte NC

June 18-20: SupaNova, Sydney Australia

July 21-25: San Diego Comic-Con

July 31-August 1: Pan-Kinetic Expo, Vallejo CA

September 11-12: Small Press Expo, Bethesda MD

October 16-17: Alternative Press Expo, San Francisco

November 6-7: New England Webcomics Weekend, Easthampton MA

November 19-21: SteamCon, Seattle

Just for the record (so they don’t come up as suggestions) — here are the shows I’ve already decided I am unable to attend this year:

STAPLE! • SPACE • Stumptown • PAX • Arisia • Baltimore • Dragon*Con • NYCC • Wordstock • Anything that used to have the words “Wizard World” in the title

Thanks for any feedback, comments or suggestions!

UPDATE: here is an update

60 thoughts on “2010 Appearance Schedule (I need your help!)”

  1. Yeah, the SPX/Baltimore thing is awkward because theyre too clost together justify a Californian flying out twice and too long inbetween for you to stay. (Although Baltimore’s a PRETTY hot vacation spot… totally kidding.)

    I think I’m gonna drive down for both, it’s only about 5 hours drive from NY. No comments on anything in Red, sorry! Looks like you have a full calendar as it is.

  2. Well don’t kill yourself because you’re going to two places that I am and I’ll be sad if you’re dead!!
    And I’ve never been but I think that Heroes Con is pretty good. (and also, it is in NC- not SC)

  3. I know nothing about SupaNova, but I would happily drive from Canberra to attend specifically to see you, just to do my bit to make sure your trip wasn’t wasted 🙂 Hell, there may even be other stuff worth seeing there too 🙂

  4. Australia would -love- to see you… but I agree with Amy, Brisbane Supanova would love to have you!
    Not just speaking for myself but for all those people who cant or couldnt vote or have their voices heard

  5. Do you know what would be the perfect appearance in Australia? Aussiecon 4, the 68th World Science Fiction Convention, being held in Melbourne Sept 2 – 6 (Labor Day weekend) http://www.aussiecon4.org.au

    All of your Australian fans would love to see you!

  6. I’d strongly recommend Bazaar Bizarre at Maker Faire. The scene is maybe a little craft-fair-y, sure, but the Maker Faire attendants are pretty diverse (more to the point, there’s a ton of steampunks). And if selling stuff winds up being a bust, the faire itself is really neat, so at least it wouldn’t be a total waste of time.

  7. If you made it to Sydney, I would definitely come… But I don’t recommend it as SupaNova is a pretty lame convention just filled with Anime/cosplay Geeks, Nerdy goths with a dark comic fetish & ubergeeks who can tell you all about the japanese power rangers but would have great difficulty scoring a date with anyone other than their hand. Hang-on, that sounds like a normal convention… Well yeah, but it was sooo boring. I went last year and was really disappointed, no ‘real’ comic fans anywhere, I doubt they even knew what a webcomic was… though there were a few decent cosplay outfits (by that I mean girls of legal age in tight outfits).
    But if you do make it down let me know and i’ll help you escape and find a bar when it gets to much for you.

  8. It seems unfair that you’re travelling to *so many places* that already have steampunk, but you’re possibly skipping SupaNova in Australia, a nation so young that we missed steampunk altogether!

    Please help us to rectify this terrible situation. And Australia will endeavour to bring as many people with beards as possible.

  9. ROFLCon, please and thank you!!!

    Also, the comments on the syndicated feed to livejournal are pushing for an additional trip to Perth. 🙂

  10. Heroes Con is a must! I know you’ve been before (2007?) so you’re familiar with their “Indie Island” concept. This year, they will be having a very strong representation of webcomic-ers (Kate Beaton, Ryan North, etc.). I think you’d be a perfect fit. You can see the full Indie Island guest list to date here: http://www.heroesonline.com/heroescon/indie-island/

    Besides, if Dustin found out that you’re waffling with your decission to attend, his feelings would be hurt. (He’s very sensitive, you know.)

  11. Austin’s too far for me to drive unless my financial situation picks up, but Renegade Craft Fair is /awesome/ according to my crafty friends.

    If you waffle on Heroes Con, AKon in Dallas is the same weekend. Mostly anime but there’s usually a webcomic panel every year — a few years ago I went just to razz R.K. Milholland about a mutual friend’s couch. (Don’t ask, don’t tell.) It’s closer to Dallas Love Field than DFW Airport but downtown from either airport is a fairly cheap shuttle ride.

  12. SupaNova is not a bad con, and one of the ones with the best attendance in Aus if you’re looking to reach a lot of fans while you’re there – yes, it’s overwhelmingly anime/major comics, but the small press area is always full of awesome.

    Looking forward to seeing you at TCAF in May!

  13. Awwww, I totally would have come to see you here in Cleveland to get a signature on my copy of “Beards” and say thanks for all the great work you do. I even would’ve worn the “Revolution” T-shirt I wore on stage for just about all my speaking gigs last year (and one this year).

    I’ve never been to Maker Faire, but I know a lot of people who go and love love LOVE it. I think you’d dig it. You should go.

  14. I see sogns for comic events in our area (Delaware, Philadelphia) occasionally, so I sent your link to a local comics guru in the unlikely event that he’s not already a fan. He might contact you. I think I’d actually attend one of those things if it were in driving distance and I knew you were there…

  15. There’s always the Peru, Indiana Circus City Festival. http://www.perucircus.com/

    While this isn’t exactly a comic book convention, experiencing the amateur circus, the circus museums, the county museum with the two headed-calf, the circus parade, the street carnival, etc. might create a lifetime of material for your comic.

    I know Peru warped me in the best of ways.

  16. If you go to Aussiecon 4 I may seriously consider flying there from Cape Town (assuming I can find accommodation I can afford). I’ve been in two minds about it but you could actually be the tipping point.

    (To my knowledge we have nothing worthwhile in this country (that would be South Africa, for the mapless). The Cape Town Book Fair is becoming too trade-centric and more consumer unfriendly every year.)

  17. Wondercon is awesome.

    I’m actually performing at the Pan-Kinetic Expo and friends with the folks putting it on, so I DEFINITELY think you should do this one!

  18. Oh, yes please, come to the HeroesCon. It’s a really great show and they have a whole “Indie Island” for folk like yourself. You’ll be treated to some warm Southern hospitality for sure, and it’s a busy, but still low-key, convention. I have gone numerous times over the past 20 years and enjoyed everyone, and I do my comic shopping regularly at Heroes because Shelton, Dustin and the rest of the gang there are awesome!

  19. Hey Malki! O’Reilly Media hosts both the MAKER FAIRE, and attends the HANDCAR REGATTA, I can get you details of both of these events, and since I work here, can get you in touch with the important people. jon@oreilly.com

  20. Just saw you at Edwardian Ball in SF!

    Maker Fair: HUGE attendance. Tens of thousands more than any other event on that list. Wonderful event, run well, attendance seems to double every year. I’ll be there with the Neverwas Haul.

    Pan-Kinetic: Run by the folks who put on The Dickens Fair in SF, which is an amazing event you really should check out, if you haven’t. I’ll be performing there, so I’m biased, but I think it’ll be a great event. They’re great at promotion, etc.

  21. if you come to Sydney, I will be there with as many of my clan as I could harangue into cooperating with the project. I have never been to that con, however, so no idea if it would be good for YOU. But it would be good for ME, see. *hugs

  22. I’ve had stalls at a couple of conventions in Australia – Supanova was definately a good one for me last year.

    I’ve been to other conventions that were purely anime and felt quite out of place with my webcomic & artwork there. Supanova on the other hand is a wider range of geek culture and while it is true that there is a lot of anime it is not wholly focused on it.

    I’m not sure where some of the comments about there not being a comic scene there as there are both commercial comic store exhibitors as well as self-publishing comickers in the artist alley.

  23. I know it isn’t technically just comics but SpoCon (http://spocon.org/) is a small (as in this is the third year, woohoo!) scifi/fantasy/fandom con up in Washington and we treat guests like freaking ROCK STARS for trekking to Spokane. This is due basically to the fact that no body really seems to know where Spokane is. So….you should come. >_>

    Also, the concom is always looking for artists for panels and things like that too. Sadly you might not just get to sit at a booth and rock if you went.

  24. Another awesome Aussie convention is Armageddon in Melbourne. This year Lars and Sohmer from LICD are coming, so you wouldn’t be the only webcomic artist there. And being from Melb I’d totally come and buy a ton of merch 😀

  25. Just a heads up – today is the “official” final day for registration for the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin. This is the first year it’s being held in Austin, so their site says they “may not fill up”. I’d assume this means the registration deadlines might be flexible, but, y’know…assumptions.
    I can personally attest that the RCF will be the single most awesome event you attend this year, because it is in Austin, and I am also in Austin, and therefore attendance means I might get to *smell* The Malki!
    Aside from that, I really don’t know anything about the RCF. The Parmer Events Center is a very nice facility not far from SoCo (South Congress Avenue), a pretty artsy Austin neighborhood. We’ve also got the University of Texas, which is probably just teeming with Malkites.

  26. Might I suggest MountainsCon in September:

    Small, non-profit. In the Salt Lake Valley, but don’t let that stop you. Depsite the warnings there is alcohol.

    Not sure how big the con will be this year but even if it’s small the people are easy to tease.

  27. Ah, Bazaar Bizarre is embedded in Maker Faire. Maker Fair is big and very well attended but the focus is more on crazy machines and science; their is a large cross over with Burning Man artists and attendees. Still, the craft building is plenty busy with shoppers and houses some great stuff. I don’t recall seeing any comics vendors though but it shouldn’t be much of a stretch.

    WonderCon and APE are both good choices.

  28. Austin! Definitely! From yet another Austin fan of the hirsute! Palmer is a good location, and the artists and craftspeople here are fantastic… plus, the food and music here are worth the trip in themselves!

  29. I would like to throw-in all of my hats towards a visit to Dearborn, Mi, and namely The Henry Ford, where the Steam Expo is to happen. Despite the fact that I have many endeared friends working the expo, and despite their being ‘Steampunks’ ::leers::, the main reason for hauling your (kiosk? booth? paddy-wagon?) is to have been to literally the greatest historical museum/attraction. Ever.

    ::grabs shoulders and shakes semi-rough:: Malki! If you haven’t been to the Henry Ford & Greenfield Village, know that that is that last un-filled hole in your interior parts.

    Finally, I’m mid-‘Dispatches From…’, and loving them!

  30. I want desperately for you to come to the Renegade Craft Fair. Austin is a pretty great city, all and all, and also I want to buy your things. I’d actually have a reason to go this year.

  31. Dear The Prolific Mr. Anonymous:

    Thank you so much for your screen name.

    a passerby on the internet

  32. My comment is that I am colorblind and cannot tell the difference between the red text and the green text. Assuming your readership includes a normal sample of colorblindness, approximately 7-10% of gentlemen will have the same difficulty. May I humbly suggest using blue as a color in the future? Then only .001-.01% of the population will have trouble.

  33. Might I suggest two conventions that you don’t have listed yet: The Wicked Faire (feb 19-21, Sommerset NJ and the NY Comic Book MArketplace (Feb 27) NYC.

    The first is a renfaire/steampunk event run by Jeff Mach that is decidely not for kids. It is a three-day nonstop party, market place, and entertainment-palooza where all manner of pleasures can be entertained all day and all night. And they would probably dig showing your vids at the next one. Go to http://www.wickedfaire.com for more info (disclosure: I am going to be there showing my movies, singing, and running the wrestling corner)

    The second event is a one-day comic book marketplace with some of the cheapest artist/small press tables around in the heart of Manhattan run by the guy who has run the longest-running comic-con in NYC. Go to http://www.nycbm.com for more info (disclosure: I am working for them selling the artist/small-press tables, so I can hook you up with a great deal!).

  34. …is on at the same time as the SF Wondercon. Next year!

    I think it’s safe to say that you have a pretty big following here in Oz, and Sydney (at least) would be well worth the trip. Might be worth popping over to Supanova Perth the next weekend too, but the travel is a bit expensive and the crowd will be smaller.

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