2010 Appearances AKA “The Busy Spring”

I’ve updated the right sidebar to indicate my confirmed-as-of-this-instant 2010 appearances! Coming up first is this weekend‘s Tweet Me Harder Live event plus Emerald City Comicon, both in Seattle, to be followed very quickly by visits to Houston, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago.

ALSO: Regarding the One Too Many Mornings contest: I neglected to mention that the deadline is Friday at midnight! And if you don’t have Facebook or Twitter, but would still like to enter the contest, you can always tell the filmmakers your story directly — their contact info is listed at onetoomanymornings.com! But really, the point of the contest is to spread the word about the movie. So — email the filmmakers, then tell twenty strangers about the time you were hung over, and we’ll call it even. Deal? (I have no way of knowing if you don’t do the last part.)

ALSO here is a sketch I just did:

3 thoughts on “2010 Appearances AKA “The Busy Spring””

  1. (T.T) RHINOturtle? Turrhino? Seriously? Fine. Be that way 🙂

    Also, TY for mentioning the deadline, but I have some questions about the rules… how many posts are you allowed to do? Were we supposed to twitter our hangover in one shot, or can it be over several tweets? Am I still even allowed to participate? Can we enter MORE than one story? Include incriminating evidence? Shave a donkey? “Accidentally” call Benedict XVI Emperor Palpatine?

    These are all pressing questions that must be addressed!

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