You can get Wondermark in your school paper!

NEWSPRINT: while it lasts

Remember, Wondermark is available for your school’s newspaper through the MCT Campus syndicate! It’s available as part of the MCT feature package and possibly à la carte as well. The person to contact is Tony Regan at (800) 245-6536, or email him at campussales at mctinfoservices dot com.

All you have to say is “We’d love to get Wondermark in our paper, please!” These people are nice! You do not have to be afraid of them.

But WHAT IF you are, somehow, NOT the editor of your school’s newspaper? Here is a simple message you can send to the appropriate editor:

Dear _______ [their name goes here],

I’m a big fan of a comic strip called “Wondermark,” and I’ve just learned that it’s available for syndication to school newspapers! Wondermark’s a great strip and I really think it could be a terrific addition to our paper — you can see some sample strips here:

MCT Campus is the syndicate that carries the strip, and their contact is Tony Regan (his contact info is here: Thanks so much for taking a look at Wondermark– I hope you like it as much as I do!


[Put your name here, since if you put my name I doubt it will work]

Thanks very much to everyone who’s championed Wondermark to their school paper. I appreciate every single recommendation!

And hey. If you are in no way connected to a school with a newspaper… Well, maybe it’s time to think about that graduate degree!

3 thoughts on “You can get Wondermark in your school paper!”

  1. hey David –

    great plug! Shame I live in New Zealand, where despite there being a local campus paper that i occasionally write for, we can’t access your work through that syndication.

    Got a syndication agent for outside USA?

    cheers, Kerry

  2. Hi Kerry! I’m self-syndicated for territories outside the US, so feel free to write me directly (or have the editor write me)!

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