New interview; Live sketching Fri. noon PST

Greylock Arts will lock you up with the arts

I’m pleased to announce that Wondermark is currently part of an art-gallery exhibit on online comics, on display at Greylock Arts in Adams, Massachusetts. The exhibit, called .Comics, includes excerpts from a bunch of cool comics and interviews with their creators, including a new interview with me which can be read online.

Representative quote: “Then I’ll start noticing pieces that could combine, Voltron-style, into whatever I need — this face could go with this body, this table is at the same angle as this chair, etc. — and so I’ll end up building the scene that way.”

Also, I’ll be live-streaming again on Friday the 30th, drawing goofy sketches in quite a few Artist Edition books. It’s always a fun time chatting, answering questions, and coming up with weird things to draw. Tune in right here, starting at noon Pacific! Or watch my Twitter for the announcement.

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  1. This is wild, I read your comic all the time and today I find out your stuff is in a gallery in my hometown of Adams of all places! I hope its there long enough for me to make it back and check it out. Very cool!

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