Heroes Con sketches / Next up: Calgary!

Here is a sketch I did at Heroes Con the other week! I believe the request was “mermaid.” So I drew the only mermaid I knew how.

It planted a seed, though, so I decided to work on a more polished version of the same idea:

This final, inked version was donated to the Heroes Con Art Auction, the proceeds of which go toward putting on the show. But I know it will remain firmly in your hearts forevermore!

(click for bigger)


This weekend I will be in Calgary for the Calgary Comics & Entertainment Expo! TopatoCo has a map of the show. It’ll be my first time in Calgary, so I won’t know any of the local customs. Please don’t make fun of me for “shaking hands” — it is what we do where I come from.

What should I watch out for in Calgary? What faux pas will I certainly stumble into, without your kind guidance? Leave me a comment!

Finally, here is a little thing I wrote yesterday about a haircut that made me cry.

  • Alan

    I am very excited that you will be gracing my fine shanty town of a city! I will have to inform my friends and relatives of your arrival. As for what you should watch out for… Oh! If you see anyone wearing a cowboy hat, REMAIN PERFECTLY CALM. That’s normal in Calgary. I don’t know why, but it is. If you get bored, you could always go see the Calgary tower, the Zoo, or you could go heckle the people in Chinatown. That’s always fun. I hope you have a great time at the Expo and a pleasant stay!

  • Mike S

    I don’t know what to do with these feelings that drawing provokes within me!!!

  • Dimetri

    Thanks for the great sketch. I’ll treasure it always.

  • Kevin S

    You need a white cowboy hat. Really.

  • walter

    Good thing you just got a haircut. They like their haircuts tidy in Calgary.

  • Suzy

    They say “pasta” funny up there. Like passed-uh.

  • SirTom

    The best bar in Calgary is the Bear and Kilt. It’s on Stephen Avenue Mall, just east of the James Joyce (another great bar). Stephen Avenue is pretty much a must visit regardless, and the Bear and Kilt has great atmosphere and style. It’s hard to spot though, it’s in the basement so all you see is the sign and a flight of stairs.

  • Not a shapeshifter

    Isn’t “I’m a shapeshifting baby.” more grammatically correct?

  • Ara

    David Malki! My partner in crime and I are doing anime portraits at the Calgary Comic Expo! Lets make a trade!

  • Catherine B.

    I met you today (Friday) and I must say that you were a perfect gentleman. I bought a book from you, and I’m glad that I did. Although I don’t think you offered your hand for me to shake, but I would have done so, as I also shake hands. But I might pop by again on Saturday and say hello then as well.
    I second the person above recommending the Bear and Kilt, and like they also said, the James Joyce Pub. Great food, great atmosphere.
    But I wouldn’t suggest a cowboy hat. They are not seen that frequently in the city these days, haha.

  • Jonah

    Whenever I read about Heroes Con I think of the end of that Green Day song 21st Century Breakdown.