he is getting a running start
Guest comic by KC Green

The final GCOAT comes courtesy of KC Green, whose stylings longtime readers will recognize. KC is the author of many comics including Gunshow, which is one of the funniest, strangest and occasionally grossest comics around. (Warning, Mom, it’s sometimes gross.) I also conducted an interview with KC recently for the TopatoBlog! I guess I did one with Chris Hastings too and forgot to mention it earlier.

KC has a new book up for pre-order now called The Blood Cloud and I suggest you get it. I have his previous volume, and I could read that thing all dang day. KC has a peculiar mastery over awkward glares, which are a fascinating recurring theme in his work.

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Check out: ‘Double King’, a fantastic animated short

this doesn't give anything away, it's literally the first frame of the film

I absolutely loved this new animated short by Felix Colgrave, “Double King”:

“Double King” on YouTube

It’s well worth the nine minutes to watch. Just stunning animation (and sound). It’s crafted with a level of precision, but also whimsy, that mesh in surprising and fascinating ways.

BONUS LINK: Felix Colgrave has an entire YouTube channel of prior work for ADDITIONAL HOURS OF ENJOYMENT

Guest artist: Christopher Baldwin of Spacetrawler!


Today’s guest episode of Wondermark is by my comics colleague Christopher Baldwin!

Christopher is the talented artist of a number of comics, notably Spacetrawler (a sci-fi adventure strip) and Little Dee (an all-ages humor strip).

Thanks, Christopher! Check out his stuff!!

Hummingbirbs I have known

watta birb!!!

A few months ago, we saw a hummingbirb making a nest outside our bedroom window.

She laid some eggs and then there were BABY BIRBS and they were VERY CUTE.

Here are some of the pictures my wife and I took of them!

(I am embedding these as tweets mainly so the videos play, but if you can’t see the pictures in your email or feed, visit this post on the site instead, maybe that’ll work!)

That’s my little boy up there!! He is TEN DAYS OLD and he is extremely small still. His main interests right now are:

1. Snoozing
2. Slurping down liquid
3. Wiggling

I am told this is normal.

Comics will continue at an irregular pace!! Make sure you’re on the email list or Facebook page or Twitter feed or RSS feed.

Thank you very much for the well wishes you have sent as well! Mom and baby are fine and so am I.