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Here is a Mini Commemorative Plaque I Made

Only a couple of days remain on the Multi-Purpose Cards Kickstarter. We’ve done so well; I’m very excited! This will be my penultimate post about it, I think.

In these last couple of days, I’ve tried to think of some other way to show my appreciation for your support, and here’s what I came up with…

Every shipment of physical goods will include a free Wondermark “Cast Card”, which will be a tiny plaque commemorating this campaign in particular. It’s a souvenir of the fun time we’ve had here, a memento emptor, and there’ll be a little kickstand included, so it can sit on your desk and bring you cheer.

The below are mockup images, but as you can tell, they will feature FANCY GOLD FOIL (click the pictures for a closer look):


There’s a whole chart of our buddy’s vital stats on the back too, but I’ll let that side remain a HIDDEN MYSTERY for now.

bawwwkk bawwkk bok bok

One card will be included FREE in every single physical goods order, and these specific cards will never be issued again, after this campaign.

If that sort of thing interests you, well, I hope you like it!!

[ Multi-Purpose Cards: 3 days remain! ]

The Sexy Complete Works of Arthur Conan Doyle

she's mighty mighty, lettin it all hang out in the rain without any gruel

Last Halloween I posted a comic featuring the above character, Plabecca, in costume as the Sexy Complete Works of Dickens.

This Halloween, reader Jen created her own version of this costume — with the complete works of Conan Doyle.

Here’s some shots she posted to Instagram! (1, 2)

Super cool!! Nice work, Jen!!

Myself? I was a “stalker”.

OBLIGATORY REMINDER: Four days remain on the Multi-Purpose Cards Kickstarter campaign!

I mean, you’ll be able to get them later, too… BUT WILL YOU THINK TO?? Stock up now!!

The Day After Halloween (A Peanuts Pastiche)


I watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown with my family (as is their wont) and a few thoughts went through my mind.

Today’s comic (#1170) explores a few of them, but I also decided to play in the Peanuts ballfield for a little while too, and explore the same question from a different angle.

This was the result!

UNRELATED KICKSTARTER UPDATE: Things are going super great!! Lots of people are ordering the new sets of Multi-Purpose Cards. For a while I had been afraid that if we got too successful, I’d run into certain supply problems, but I’ve spoken with the relevant parties and have been assured that it won’t be an issue. Which is good news!! It means NOTHING CAN EVER GO WRONG.

Seven days remain in the campaign!!

Hooray for Multi-Purpose Cards!!

[x] Thank you for reading this alt-text

Hooray!! I’m so glad to see folks jumping on the Multi-Purpose Cards Kickstarter. Thank you so much for supporting the project!

I’m very pleased to announce that we have annihilated our pledge goal (as I write this, our total raised stands just above 300,000% of the goal amount).

That famous potato salad guy ended his campaign at 550,000%. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to demolish that record.

So here is my one and only stretch goal: If we break that record, I will add two more brand-new, downloadable cards to the PDF packet: a Save the Date card and an Invitation card!

Those are both cards that you may only occasionally need, but when you do, you’ll probably want more than two at a time. So they don’t really make sense to include in the main combination set, but they’ll be good to have ready and waiting for when they’re needed.

The downloadable PDF versions of the cards will post in a backers-only update, once the campaign ends.

That means that a pledge of any amount, whether you choose a physical reward or not, will get you access to those downloads, and a license to print them out as desired (for personal use only, please – contact me if you want to license or commission a design for your business).

Thanks so much for your support so far, I’m pretty excited to send the cards to you!

Multi-Purpose, All-Occasion Greeting Cards on Kickstarter — 14 days remain!]

Four New Good Things I’m Making

Here are FOUR different things I’m making this month!

••• FIRST •••

A short Kickstarter campaign for a new printing of my Multi-Purpose Greeting Cards!

The thing that’s different about this edition of the cards is that we’re packaging them in these super cool foil-stamped stationery boxes:

yes they are really that shiny

These boxes have no labels or branding…so, once you use up the cards, keep the boxes and use ’em for something cool!!

We’ve already past 45,000% of our funding goal so I am very excited. I even doubled the goal from the last project!!

Multi-Purpose, All-Occasion Greeting Cards on Kickstarter

••• SECOND •••

By popular request, and just in time for Thanksgiving: a new Turctopus T-shirt!

mmm, rubbery

“Sailors have long known the legend of the mysterious turctopus. Many a mug of grog has overheard tales of the ‘waddle in the waves’.

“The beast was swift – feathery – enough to feed a family of eight – and best of all: it came pre-brined.”

Turctopus: Everybody Gets a Drumstick on Teespring

••• THIRD •••

If you don’t want a NEW shirt but would rather revisit some of my OLD ones, I’m pleased to announce another wave of reprints & reissues at T-shirt Diplomacy!

pretty good stuff pretty good stuff

Some of these were only different things, before — stickers, or sweatshirts, or aprons, or stickers, or stickers. Others started their lives in different styles or colors.

For the past span of time they’ve been in the Disney Vault, or whatever. Now, a new generation of shirts emerges from the gloom and takes their place in the sun.

This reissue series includes, by popular request, “Everything is Fine”:

everything is just great

Reissued Wondermark shirts on T-shirt Diplomacy

••• FOURTH •••

I sure do like making “stuff,” but I know not everybody needs, or wants, more “stuff.” So, I have a Patreon, too.

I haven’t quite figured out what to do with it yet — suggestions are welcome! — but one thing I did do, today, was post a special bargain deal on greeting cards exclusively for Patreon supporters (“patreonauts”).

The stuff I do on this website will always be free — that’s my promise.

But if you are so inclined, by using Patreon, I’m able to set my hat gently out on the sidewalk in front of me. Patreon enables folks like you to chip in a tiny amount — just a buck or two a month, from multiple folks, goes a long way.

I’m very grateful to the people who’ve tossed a few coins into the Patreon bucket and become WONDERMARK WINNER’S CIRCLE MEMBERS! That is a term (and a status) I just made up, but it is absolutely how I feel about all of you.

Support Fun Things for Nice People on Patreon

Look at that! Some great stuff. It’s amazing, when you look at it all! Just put your hands on your hips and take it all in.

FINAL, OBLIGATORY REMINDER: I’m in Austin this weekend!