12 imperfect marketing efforts

So very hot

Together forever



Supreme Leader

hey maaaaan

For your meat?

Heart-stoppingly good

That's how I feel too.


think different

get it

  • Roy

    You, sir, make my day. I’ve spent nearly 15 minutes trying to sort these in order of bizarre surrealism. Maybe I don’t get all of them… but I think it might be better that way. Like the force of habit comic from back in the day.

  • Wicked funny. Well, except for the Obama one, which is spot-on accurate.


  • Obama became a Republican? Yikes!

  • Surreal… Except for the Obama one, which, as CrossPatch noted, is kind of appropriate for him. ^^; Ah, Socialism… like vodka, something best kept in Russia.

  • The Ohio one is actually right on.

  • Blair

    I knew yoplait was up to something….

    these are great!

  • Guy Who Doesn’t Work For A Vision Care Company, I Promise

    Dammit…I get home from work and dealing with OptiCare, and what do I find? OptiCare. Effing OptiCare. ALWAYS OPTICARE. I hate them and all 18 of their locations AND their home office.

  • 5482dartagnan

    I would buy those hot pockets.

  • 5482dartagnan

    Although I also have an ad for fiber that I tore out of a magazine where everything in the fridge starts with an ‘f’, such as ‘fuffins’, ‘furkey’, etc., and I sit and laugh at it for way too long.

  • Markus Peloquin

    Anybody know what that Obama design is called or where it’s from? I know it’s Moscow/Russia/USSR-related, but I can’t find any images of it on the webs.

    Also, dead on.

  • Okay, the Yoplait made me laugh out loud.

  • David Malki !

    Markus — I made all of these, including the Obama graphic. It’s an art style called Constructivist, popularized by the Soviets. Also, it’s intended to be tongue-in-cheek and I do not want it — or any of these — spread around and taken sincerely.

  • Markus Peloquin

    I was just referring to its style of the Obama graphic. The joke wasn’t lost on me. I know Obama is nothing like Lenin, but his perception of being perfect is chipping away at my sanity.

  • Elissa

    I was gonna have myself cremated, but I think I’ll go for that cemetary instead.

  • Товарищи!
    Великая Октябрьская Революция, о которой так много писали и говорили большевики, свершилась!

  • I know the Yankees tore down the House that Ruth Built, but do the Mets still play at Ché Stadium?

  • Александр III

    Вы, также, признаете славу нашего доброжелательного лидера? Ура! Товарищ, Вы – мои потерянные братья! Но конечно, мы – все братья теперь при большом наблюдателе!

    Oбдmд! Oбдmд! Oбдmд!