All right, it’s that time again — when I realize I’m trying to do way too much with way too few hours in the day, days in the week, and weeks in the metamorpho-cycle. I need your help. I am looking for the following:

FACEBOOK APP PROGRAMMER. I don’t know anything about programming Facebook apps. I made one once, but it only kind of works. I’d like to make something that posts the latest comic on your thing, and lets you share it with your Facebookfolks, and has a little excerpt of blog posts as well, and, you know, does all that. It can probably be built from my RSS. If you know how to build this, email me and bid a rate.

SPRING INTERN. I’d like someone to come into my office (in Venice, CA) once a week or so and help me with various projects! Duties will vary with your expertise but may involve scanning, inventory control, shipping, designing, web surfing, and helping me figure out my dang life. Meals will be provided each day! Ideally you are a student and can get some kind of class credit for this, but, you know, whatever. To apply, email me your resumé and a brief cover letter. If you’ve applied previously for this position, and you’re still interested, go ahead and re-submit.

I’ll probably have more opportunities later, but LET’S START WITH THIS. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “WORK FOR ME”

  1. The app programmer should make a WM-themed version of FarmVille! How much cooler would being able to lay waste to things with a giant Abe than harvesting rice?

  2. hey david, i’m in venice, ca and already do a LOT of PA-type stuff, i love your comic and would love to help you out! get a hold of me @ 323-798-5510. or come down 19th and speedway sometime – i’m usually outside working on something

  3. oh yeah, i DID read your post, don’t worry. i neglected to mention that my email isn’t working for some reason, so that’s why i left a comment in lieu of emailing as you requested.

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