Webcomics Weekend tickets now on sale!

Tickets have just gone on sale for the second annual New England Webcomics Weekend comics festival in Easthampton, Massachusetts! Organized by my friend and colleague Meredith Gran and her army of trusty flying monkeys, NEWW is a one-of-a-kind gathering of people who make online comics and other people who would like to hang out with those first people. And vice versa! This year it’s being held November 6-7, taking advantage of the lovely New England autumn.

Tickets are limited and are expected to sell out before the show, so if you’re in the New England area (or within teleportation distance) and a fan of webcomics, this is a great event — it’s social, friendly, a great space for conversation without the high stress of a massive convention, and Kris Straub and I will be doing a live Tweet Me Harder comedy show. What could be better?

Earlier this year, it was a bit weird mentioning my trips to ROFLCon and San Diego, because tickets for those events were long sold out by the time I brought them up. I’m attempting to rectify that this time!

Oh yeah and here is the amazing old factory building where NEWW is held — there is a stained brick room deep in its bowels called the Quarantine Area. What could be better, I maintain?

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