Check out: “We Grow Together” parody gardening show

I really enjoyed this: a parody gardening show written & performed by Sean Casey & Anne Gregory, comedians that I’ve gotten to know as teachers in the improv classes I’ve been taking for the last few months.

There are five five-minute episodes of “We Grow Together” and I recommend watching them all!


  1. David Quigley

    You’ve been taking improv classes? Awesome! I’m an improviser with Let’s Try This! at Georgia Tech. If you find your way to Atlanta at some point (or if I wind up somewhere else and you go THERE), I would love to workshop with you. I would be interested to see how someone who spends some of his day job time working on refining humor improvises.

  2. Jacob Strasser

    Have you seen Posh Nosh?

  3. Jason Conner

    Thank you very much for linking this– haven’t laughed that hard in a while!

  4. Justin

    Haha, hey, what’s the dig at Lincoln? We only have 2 malls!!! 🙂

    Justin in Lincoln, NE