Ways to spend a Friday

Let us say you are idle, this day in September. Let us say that to the cars rushing by outside you are a stationary observer, moving backwards in their memory as they disappear. What use can be made of this time?

The deadline for my comic-coloring contest is this Sunday night; surely you can spend a few hours today in pursuit of this, a task that provides distraction from those things you are not doing anyway.

The television provider DirecTV is offering new customers a promotion; if you were considering their (perfectly adequate, in my experience as a customer for the last seven years) service, you could do worse than saving $100, in the form of ten $10 bill credits. By using my account number — 23334574 — as your referral, not only do you obtain the discount, but I am rewarded somewhat as well. This is no particular urging on my part; simply if you were contemplating the service, on this idle day, regardless.

Finally, if you enjoyed the sight of the ridiculous, entirely un-aerodynamic flying contrivance in Tuesday’s strip, and have twenty-odd minutes to spare on a break from your lack of activity, you may enjoy this remarkable and arresting short film, brought to my attention by kind Marksman Kevin S. It is embedded below; or on YouTube here.

7 thoughts on “Ways to spend a Friday”

  1. There are so many things that Hollywood could learn from this concerning movies in general, but animated ones in particular. The first and foremost is the writing and the story it tells. Not the first time something like this has been told, but exceedingly well executed. The style of the animation was spot on for this particular story, something else those obsessed with 3d could learn. Well done!

  2. Your steam helicopter is the finest thing ever seen on the Internet. I yelled for my daughter, the Production and Design student, to “get in here and look at this!” She was suitably awed!

  3. dear mr. malki!,

    i wonder if you plan to make the “i was an honor student – i don’t know what happened” bumper sticker into an actual object available for purchase, but if i had a car, which hypothetically i should eventually, once i have a job, i would put one of those on it.


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