LAST DAY! Back the Puzzle, Get First Crack at Holiday Cards

It’s the last day to pre-order the Wondermark Jigsaw Puzzles! Update: The campaign’s over, hooray! Thank you so much to everyone who’s pre-ordered a puzzle (or a book, or a poster, because those are also available in this campaign, at discounted rates from their normal prices).

hey feral cat do you like having your picture taken

As we near the holiday season, I’m planning to make an all-new set of holiday-themed Multi-Purpose Greeting Cards, as well as a little mini-puzzle of my favorite Vine celebrity, Feral Cat.

All backers at any level are already going to get a free download of Feral Cat phone alert tones (and we’re very close to the stretch goal where every puzzle comes with a free emergency extra piece)!

But Kickstarter backers as a group will also get first crack at, and best prices on, this season’s new holiday cards…as well as the Feral Cat mini-puzzle.

It’s just a little “thanks” to backers for being rad! And if you haven’t yet, you have until 1pm Pacific time to become a backer (at any level).

Thanks so much to all who’ve chipped in, I can’t wait to make these puzzles!!


one of many

Wondermark’s Jigsaw Puzzles of Fictional Victorian Charts.
Ends October 9.

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