Two charming old videos!

Marksman Doug C. shares this video, saying “I finally found one of my favorite short animations from my childhood (1961) online and thought it was worth sharing with you. An obvious source for Terry Gilliam, and clear antecedent to your own use of engravings for potentially humourous effect, I present… ‘The Do-It-Yourself Cartoon Kit’ by Bob Godfrey, 5:25 of Pythonesque non-sequiturs and free sound effects, all made by British Labour.”

And Edward S. shares this video, saying “Your recent strips concerning the abstract concept of ‘the time’ put me in mind of a well-known sketch from the radio comedy series, “The Goon Show”, which worked on similar lines.”

Thanks, guys!

2 thoughts on “Two charming old videos!”

  1. The second video shows a still from an unsuccessful attempt to transfer The Goon Show to video using marionette puppets, hence the bizarre and scary look. (Like most of the BBC’s output at the time, it was very, very low-budget stuff.)

    The two videos are connected: the first two seasons of “The Goon Show” (it was titled “Crazy People” during the first season) included Michael Bentine—who narrates the first video—among the cast.

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