Drawing: turtle turtle

jes' chillin

This dude was probably inspired by one of a pair of characters I created with my friend Stephen a dozen years ago.  They were Rabbi & Socrates; Rabbi was a giant tortoise with the head of — yes — a rabbi, similar but rather more hirstute than the gentlereptile above, while Socrates was a dwarfish version of the ancient Greek philosopher who rode around on Rabbi’s shell.  Socrates only spoke in questions, and Rabbi only spoke to say “Ach!” (to which his yarmulke would reply, in a tiny voice, “Yeidel!”)

4 thoughts on “Drawing: turtle turtle”

  1. Can you do a small comic or just a picture of the Socrates/Rabbi duo? That sounds wikkid cool (so much so that I need to use that spelling :p)

  2. I looked through a couple old sketchbooks and couldn’t find anything — whatever survives is probably buried in my mom’s house somewhere. I bet I could draw them from memory though! I will TRY IT.

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