True Stuff: Old Timey Ads

I have a new tumblr! It’s called Old Timey Ads, and it’s just what it says on the tin: old-timey ads, short articles, funny images and the like from old books and periodicals, usually with a bit of commentary.

If you like the True Stuff from Old Books series, check this out! It’s similar, shorter, more frequent, and snarkier.

Old Timey Ads on Tumblr:
All entries also post to the @wondermarkfeed Twitter account
And there’s an Old Timey Ads RSS feed as well.
(I also have a personal tumblr.)

So far I’ve been posting multiple times per day! We’ll see how long that lasts. But I’m having lots of fun unearthing strange, funny, and remarkable things that maybe aren’t worth a long blog posts, but that I want to share anyway. Check out Old Timey Ads!

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