Three videos about Hollywood

Here are three neat videos I’ve come across recently — all very different, all cool, but each shining a light on a different little corner of the entertainment business.

This showreel for Stargate Studios shows just how much television production uses visual effects — in ways that, if the compositors have done their job correctly, you won’t even realize:

(direct Youtube link)

This funny short about the trials and tribulations of a trailer-editor struck a particular nerve for me:

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And finally, check out this pilot episode of would-be Nickelodeon animated series called The Modifyers. I love the aesthetic and pretty much everything about this. But, alas, it wasn’t picked up for a series! Luckily we’re able to view it regardless. (via Boing Boing)

(direct Vimeo link)

BONUS VIDEO: snowfall timelapse

(direct YouTube link)

probably not in Hollywood

6 thoughts on “Three videos about Hollywood”

  1. That Modifyers is just great. It’s like Foster’s Home for Imaginary Creatures meets League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

  2. Virtual backlot reel was REALLY neat. I’m going to spend more time looking for visual effects than watching any actual episodes now, thank you. And as for the trailer editor short, I’m so sorry. That’s what you’d actually have to do? Makes me want to stick to my pipette now…

  3. Virtual Backlot is cool, but this doesn’t explain why film permit offices are becoming more and more jerky. Shouldn’t they be getting nicer?

  4. Man, what’s the deal with the pine tree in the Snowlapse video? It’s folding up like a sleepy drunk on a barstool before there’s any visible snow on it.

  5. I understand why the Modifyers wasan’t picked up. Good setting but horrible horrible characters especially the protagonist and antagonist. Only character I liked was the rat.
    Also just bad writing and not a very interesting story.

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