Copperplate Valentines

Marksman Owen writes: “I was inspired by your steam-powered heart T-shirt to create these two hearts. Less anatomically correct but more suitable for Valentine’s Day. They were something of a success with the ladies too.”

Great work, Owen! Also: let this be an instructive moment to all you Lotharios out there. Owen reports success with the “ladies.” Plural. The lesson is not to try and split your heart between two (or more) loves; it’ll never work. Your true love wants, and deserves, the whole of your heart. So give it to them!

…And then make another heart to repeat the process. The secret is in the number of hearts you have. Let us be like that famous Don Juan of the animal kingdom, the ten-hearted earthworm, and cultivate as many loves as our biology (or clockworks) will allow — then secrete a viscid egg sac into our clitellum and slide that junk right off our segmented, slithery body. Ah, love!

5 thoughts on “Copperplate Valentines”

  1. I never liked annelids, in lab or in love. I also don’t think Mrs. Malki ! would appreciate the extended metaphor.

  2. It *is* funny, but sarcasm/playfulness doesn’t translate well online.

    Maybe I should have added an emoticon…

    Addendum to post made on the 23rd:

    🙂 😛 😀


  3. Actually, I wanted to comment about Convergence in St. Paul, but that’s closed to comments. While my family skips Convergence, we do go to the comics ones MCBA FallCon and SpringCon. If you come to the Twin Cities try to do a signing outside Convergence the most prominant stores are the Source and Dreamhaven.

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