This weekend: Charlotte!

It’s here! The last stop on my comprehensive tour of the world! I’ll be in Charlotte, NC for Heroes Con this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and you should come out to the Charlotte Convention Center to say hello. I will look forward to seeing you! We will have a pleasant conversation! The last time I was in Charlotte I had quite the time. This time I imagine will be double that and more in every measurable way.

On Sunday, I’ll also have the pleasure of appearing on a panel with the estimable Kate Beaton, to be moderated by one of the finest minds in comics journalism, Tom Spurgeon. Tom gave me one of the best interviews I’ve ever had and I look forward to seeing and speaking with him this weekend. And Kate’s always a delight — her comics crack me up with every update and I’m pleased to call her a good friend. The panel will be at 4:30 PM and I’ll be sure to wear my brightest smile.


2 thoughts on “This weekend: Charlotte!”

  1. Awesome! I was bummed that my April trip to Chicago missed your appearance there by 2 days. I’ll try to swing by your booth tomorrow after work. Is the Chicago offer of a sketch for saying something unique still on the table? 😉

  2. Won’t you ever come to Australia? Bring the rest of the Topatoco gang in your plane!

    It sucks being a southern colonial. What does the northern hemisphere get? David Malki !. What does Australia get? New Zealand. What a bum deal.

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