This week! Bellflower & NYC!

I am back from San Francisco! A cheery hello to everyone I saw at WonderCon, I had a pleasant and friendly time. I think that’ll be a show I return to next year! But I will have no shortage of trips to the Bay Area this year yet. The Bay Area shall become my second home, or third office, or Ninth Gate, or Twenty-Third Skidoo. I will know this Bay Area.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll be doing a special in-store signing at Metropolis Comics in Bellflower, CA! Dave Kellett and I will be visiting from 5-8PM, signing books, shaking hands, drawing sketches, and probably solving problems. If you are in the Bellflower area, please stop by!

Then, this coming weekend, I’m in New York City for the MoCCA Art Festival! I will be exhibiting with the stellar Topato Corporation and many of my fine colleagues and friends in the comickal arts. I’m always thrilled to visit New York and this will be my only appearance in NYC this year, so please come out and say hello. Also if you’d like me to bring any prints of individual comics, it’s a new thing I’m trying out at cons! Drop me a line via email or Twitter if you have any particular requests, and I will see what I can do.

Finally, only ONE WEEK REMAINS to pre-order Artist Edition books! For this limited time, I will sketch in your books and it might look like this:

Or, it might not.


4 thoughts on “This week! Bellflower & NYC!”

  1. Dear All:

    If you didn’t go to Metropolis Comics to see Malki ! and Kellett,


    Have you EVER seen a piranhamoose and a unicorn interact with one another?! I guess you never will now!!

    I pity you.

  2. Hmm… HTML win/fail (?) There should have been HTML tags shown (I was of the belief that HTML tags were disabled in comment boxes).

    the last one should have been [Mr_T] I pity you. [/Mr_T]

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