“Ransom!” – A Wondermark short story

it's not JUST about birds

Here is a 14-page Wondermark story I wrote in 2008, called “Ransom!”

It was originally created for the Dark Horse Presents anthology series, and ran online as part of some sort of Dark Horse–Myspace combo promotional thing. I have a link to the Myspace page in my comic archive, but a few people have pointed out that the link no longer resolves to anything.

I never thought my dumb little website would outlast Myspace, but, well, here we are.

Each of my Wondermark book collections contains, in addition to a bunch of comic strips, one longer-form story like this one. “Ransom!” is in Clever Tricks to Stave Off Death, which came out in 2009!

(It is, I hasten to add,  still a very good book with lots of fun things in it, and you should feel free to pick up a copy of it, or any of its peers, if you like.)

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