Comic 666

A quick note about comic #666: Before you write me to ask where the ghouls and goblins are, let me just remind you that in official Wondermark canon, everybody has been dead all along in the entire archive

Welcome, NPR listeners!

This morning I was pleased to be on NPR’s Morning Edition (audio of the segment is available here). Along with Dr. Annetta Cheek from the Center for Plain Language, I discussed the Center’s upcoming ClearMark and WonderMark awards, which praise clear (and lambast confusing) business communication.

If you’re visiting this site from NPR, thanks for stopping by! “Wondermark” is a comic strip published twice a week, containing jokes on a variety of topics. For example, this episode in particular takes on the problem of confusing business documents.

The “random comic” button to the left of each comic will afford you a whirlwind tour of the site. There’s also this brief list of some of my favorite comics as well, which is a good Wondermark primer.

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WHICH REMINDS ME: The Onion A.V. Club just posted a great review of my latest book, Dapper Caps & Pedal-Copters. Thank you, A.V. Club! I am glad you liked the book — I like it very much myself, so it’s pleasing to see that our tastes are aligned. It just makes coexistence so much simpler.

Prints & Posters

Just a reminder that every Wondermark comic, from the first one all the way up to today’s, is available in large, friendly wall-mounted form! I’ve had several folks ask recently if they can get prints, so I just want to make sure that the print/poster process is obvious and not horribly confusing. If anyone has any questions, finds any broken links, or doesn’t understand quite how it works, please email me or leave a comment on this post so I know how to make the process better and more clear! Thank you, and may your walls ever be adorned with fine things that make your life beautiful.

New Project Wonderful ad slots

I don’t run hardly any paid ads on this site, but as an experiment I’ve added a Project Wonderful leaderboard banner up above and a skyscraper down in the right column. If there’s gonna be ads, I’d rather they be for the other cartoonists, entrepreneurs etc. that use PW, and plus, there are probably far fewer acai berry spammers using Project Wonderful than other ad networks.

If you’re a Wondermark fan, this is a great opportunity to get your message in front of like-minded, fairly friendly people for not very much money at all! For info, click the “Your ad here” text beneath each ad.

New site bug reporting

I’ve started a thread on the messageboard for bug reports and status updates. So far we have an alt-text issue in the RSS feed and a crazy LiveJournal feed, both of which are being worked on. Update: Both issues have been resolved. If you’ve got anything new to report, or want to check the status of the known issues, please visit the thread — and I encourage you to browse around and poke in all the corners of the new site. Really break it in and let me know what you find — I want it to be robust. Thanks!