New Project Wonderful ad slots

I don’t run hardly any paid ads on this site, but as an experiment I’ve added a Project Wonderful leaderboard banner up above and a skyscraper down in the right column. If there’s gonna be ads, I’d rather they be for the other cartoonists, entrepreneurs etc. that use PW, and plus, there are probably far fewer acai berry spammers using Project Wonderful than other ad networks.

If you’re a Wondermark fan, this is a great opportunity to get your message in front of like-minded, fairly friendly people for not very much money at all! For info, click the “Your ad here” text beneath each ad.


  1. Merus

    And yet I’m seeing an ad for a new Monkey Island ga– there’s a new Monkey Island game?! Oh snap!

  2. Jeremy

    I like the ad placement. I see them, but I’m not distracted. Hope they work out for you.

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