I’ve made a READERSHIP SURVEY! I would love it if you would contribute your thoughts! UPDATE: Thank you very much, I have all the responses I need for now!

It will take about five minutes to complete. And as a thank-you for participating, I’ll randomly draw three email addresses of folks who submit the survey, and send them each an original Roll-a-Sketch drawing in the mail!

(Or, you can also submit the survey anonymously.)

Real talk, here: now that I’m starting to come to grips with the time tradeoffs that parenting a toddler requires, I want to be able to focus my energies where they will be the most effective creatively.

This survey will help me prioritize some of my creative plans for the coming months! As well as figure out what kinds of rewards to offer when I introduce new tiers on Patreon, which will happen very soon.

Thank you very much for participating! It will help me out a ton!


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