2018 Errata

Whoopsie daisy!

At the conclusion of each year, the Wondermark Ombudsman requires us to publish a list of corrections to any factual errors that were discovered in that year’s comics.

Here are the obligatory corrections to errors that we published in 2018. (Previous years’ errata.)

#1376; In which Much is read
As it turned out, today was not, in fact, the day in question.

#1381; In which Darkness falls
The plywood was actually painted a very dark brown, but it looked black in the shade.

#1390; A Circus made by Circumstance
This math about people sharing only 80% of their opinions with other people is based on completely fabricated and supposed numbers (for example’s sake).

But it also implies that many people will hold fair numbers of opinions in common with other people, and that points of disagreement will be varied (one person holding an outlier opinion on Issue A; another a typical opinion on issue A, but an outlier opinion on Issue B).

In practice that may not be true, and so the chart pictured in the comic should not be considered accurate for navigation.

#1392; Seating to the Ceiling
It was not necessarily a better idea.

#1407; The Check-In Freak-Out
This comic was originally published with the clerk’s name in the fifth panel rendered as “John Jacob Jingleheimer-Smith.” Obviously, this is not the name of a sitting Supreme Court justice. It was subsequently corrected to (and appears now as) “John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt.”

#1439; In which a Scotsman gets the Drop
Not an error, but a point of clarification: In this comic, the Scotsman says his XD-403 model GrandLifter™ is “not quite” twenty years old. Astute readers of Wondermark #003 will notice that the piano that the Scotsman uses to drop on Stan in 2003 is an upright model, rather than the grand piano pictured in #1439.

Some may think this implies that the XD-403 must be newer than fifteen years old, since the grand piano was not pictured as far back as 2003 (and the comic takes place in 2018).

But we would remind readers that the piano modules on the GrandLifter™ and similar lift-and-drop devices, such as the one used to great effect in Wondermark #394, are replaceable — each piano is, after all, “destroyed in the drop” (try and get that jingle out of your head now!).

The XD-403 was originally released in Scotland in 2000, making it possibly as old as eighteen years at the time of Wondermark #1439, considering that the Scot still has an extended maintenance plan on the lifter, which was only available with a new purchase from the factory.

#1444; In which Kinship is formed
The Amazon box has its shipping label facing upwards, which, based on the logo printed on its side, suggests that the label has been applied to the underside of the box, rather than the top side as would be typical.

#1397; Bored to be Dialed, Part 1
Despite his assertion, Gax did not know what a measurement agency is.

Wondermark regrets the errors.

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