NEWW was great fun! Seattle next!

(Flickr photo by MagnusApollo)

I had such a good time at the New England Webcomics Weekend! Ryan and I had a new printing of Machine of Death on our table and they were going like hotcakes that had been printed on and bound like books. Also we were pleased to see folks bringing in their Amazon copies to be signed by the many, many contributors in attendance! Hooray! More pictures of the event on Flickr.

Next on the schedule is SteamCon, in Seattle, next weekend! I’m going to be giving two presentations: one where I make a Wondermark comic before your very eyes, and another entitled “True Stuff from Old Books” where I’ll be showing off some of the exciting things I’ve unearthed in strange old volumes over the last seven years or so. I’m quite excited for this show as it means I get to wear my bowler cap! I mean I guess I could wear the bowler every day but it starts to weigh heavy on my ears.

P.S. Check out J.J. McCullough’s great caricatures of some of the artists attending NEWW!

P.P.S. This novel product has been listed as something that people buy on Amazon after looking at Machine of Death. (Check out customer-submitted images and reviews for full effect.)

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