Roll-a-Sketch drawings from Seattle!

I just got back from the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, and here are a few favorites of the many Roll-a-Sketch drawings I made for folks there!

Roll-a-Sketch, as longtime readers know, is something I do at conventions and other appearances: folks can roll some dice to select random words from a list, and then I have the task of combining those words into a creature!

It’s really fun for two reasons: (1) I never have to draw the same thing twice; and (2) the person commissioning the drawing has no say in what it becomes, and is sometimes even disappointed with the words that the dice choose for them — but nonetheless, they nearly always enjoy the result.

It’s a good life lesson in accepting matters out of one’s control, perhaps… as long as the person in whose control those matters are is me, and the matter’s stakes are limited to a creature drawing.

Click any image for a closer look!


I like how it has a method of flight AND a backup method of flight


my precious, terrible baby


weren't we all, one way or another

You can see how even when the prompts are similar, I try not to do the same drawing! (Here’s another particularly grotesque example.)


a bit of a cheesy joke


down to his last life probably


this will probably be the last 'hipster' I draw in Roll-a-Sketch

Finally: are you ready for this one???


I'm not even a dad and I made this joke

I would like to remind everyone that I am a professional comedy writer.

I also gave out some Roll-a-Sketch themed “Patron of the Arts” Cast Cards to folks in Seattle! I’ll have these particular cards at all my conventions this year — and I’ll probably do one brief online Roll-a-Sketch offering later toward the summer as well, for folks who can’t make it out to a convention.

oldie but a goodie

My next show will be Maker Faire in San Mateo, May 20-22!

If you will be attending Maker Faire, or are nearby in general, perhaps drop me a line — unlike at a comic convention, I don’t really know anybody at Maker Faire or have any insight into the haps (despite attending the show for many years).

I would love to have breakfast or dinner or drinks with some cool folks while I’m in town! The social element is a big part of what makes these shows fun, and I’m overdue to figure that out at this one. (I’m also still nailing down lodging for that one, so I’m open to any local tips or suggestions.)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello at ECCC! It was lovely to see you all. And thanks especially to the gentleman and his kids who are fans as a family of Boom! And a Bear Comes Out (the party hit of the summer). There are few things better than hearing a very small child sing back to you the silly song that you wrote about a bear hiding in things and then coming out of them. Raffi, eat your heart out.

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