I’m doing a Reddit AMA on Tuesday 10/23 at 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT

On Tuesday October 23rd, I’ll be doing a Reddit Ask Me Anything open question & answer session!

Ostensibly I will be there to promote the Wondermark Volume 5 Kickstarter (still chuggin’ along with a bit over a week to go!), but I will be happy to discuss whatever anyone asks. You might even say that folks can…ask me anything.

I’ll post the specific direct link on my Twitter once the session goes live — or just go to reddit.com/r/iama; there should be a pretty obvious link somewhere easy to spot. UPDATE: Here it is!

The session will begin at 12 noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 7pm GMT and will go for an hour or two, probably, or as long as folks seem interested and keep asking questions.

This will be my third AMA! I did one in 2013 when the Machine of Death game was underway. You can read that one over if you’re interested in seeing what I had to say about things FIVE YEARS AGO!

Maybe my opinions have changed in the interim on a variety of issues, but then again maybe they haven’t! There is only one way to find out.

I also participated (as part of a larger group of Machine of Death contributors and other authors) in another one not long after that; there’s some good stuff in there too, I think.

SPEAKING OF Machine of Death, the book series of which I was one of the co-editors, I got the chance to share some pretty cool stuff (I think) on Twitter on Monday.

My co-editor Matt told an EERIE HALLOWEEN STORY about how we witnessed what appeared to be a SPOOKILY ACCURATE Machine of Death prediction:

(click through to read the whole thread)

I then used that story as a jumping-off point to tell another, similar story about how the Machine of Death, though fictional, often somehow seems to know more than you would expect about actual people’s lives:

(click through to read the whole thread)

I think it’s an interesting story, but I also used this thread as an opportunity to post a bunch of MOD-related pictures and videos that I’ve taken over the years just for archival purposes, without ever really having a place to put them or a purpose for posting them. I hope you check it out!

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