Wondermark Q+A: Pose your questions!

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Let’s pull back the curtain a bit! I’d like to do a mailbag style post where I try to answer any BURNING QUESTIONS you might have, about Wondermark, or my other work, or anything else you might be interested in.

For maximum visibility, I’d prefer you leave your question on the Wondermark Facebook page, but if you don’t have Facebook or prefer not to post there, you can also comment here on this post and I’ll see it.

I’ll do a question & answer roundup in a future blog post!

And if you see someone else posting a question you’re interested in, like it (in the FB comments) or upvote it (in this post’s comments).

(Note: a few years ago I also did a brief AMA on Reddit. But maybe my answers to those questions have changed since then, WHO KNOWS??)

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Americans! I’m thankful for ALL OF YOU. I mean it sincerely!

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