Go see Star Trek reenacted live!

Over the weekend I was in Seattle, and when I mentioned that startling fact on Twitter I received an invitation from @pdunwin to attend “Outdoor Trek,” a live “Shakespeare in the Park”-style performance of Star Trek by the theater company Hello Earth.

It was great! It’s playing one more time, this coming weekend on both Saturday and Sunday, and it’s totally free to attend. I’m only marginally a Star Trek fan myself, but it was a really, really fun show put on by folks who’re clearly having a blast doing it. Live music, hula-hoop-heavy transporter effects, and the judicious use of Silly String just add to the experience. More info here!

Hello Earth took the idea from the Portland group Atomic Arts, who’ve apparently been doing “Trek in the Park” for several years, and who will be doing their own show (the episode “Mirror, Mirror”) one last time for the season on August 27. More info on the Portland show here.

This…this makes me want to start an outdoor theater troupe. Mine will be called “Airwolf under the Stars” and will involve remote-controlled helicopters. It will be the most unmitigated fiasco in history.

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  1. We have a theater company in Philadelphia called Saves the Day Productions that reenacts comic books on stage. It is usually done script in hand and with lots of tiny ridiculous props and costumes. Pretty hilarious really, especially when they do 1970’s era comics.

  2. “Airwolf Under the Stars” produced the following noises, in order:

    I thank you.

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