Nice try, Pottery Barn

I was doing some Christmas shopping this week, trawling the ol’ mall, and discovered, in the charming little family-owned boutique known as Pottery Barn, a series of reproduction antique globes, carefully crafted with strange woods, metals and lines to give the impression of being “authentically old-timey” and thus interesting, but also brought fully and boringly up-to-date to reflect modern global political boundaries. These globes are now totally and utterly 100% accurate in every way.

nice. try.

oh wait

p.s. if you don’t get it

12 thoughts on “Nice try, Pottery Barn”

  1. Dear Mr. Malki
    I was going to write a long diatribe about orbital vectors, relative orientation in space, the line of sight looking down at a table, and other equally irrelevant things. Then I realized that this would be a very obnoxious thing to do. So I didn’t.
    You’re welcome.


  2. 39 degrees is 90 degrees minus the approximate latitude of Greenwich in the UK.

    I wonder if some older globes were tilted to put the centre of timekeeping and hence navigation in antiquity conveniently and visibly at the top, when they were suitably turned. Might this in fact be an accurate reproduction of that very quirk?

    Google Images is inconclusive, so I must go to the Oxford Museum of the History of Science at some point. They have a steampunk exhibition on at the moment anyway, so it’s worth the journey.

    (Oh, there should be a vocative comma in “Nice try[comma] Pottery Barn”. But nobody’s perfect.)

  3. I saw this, laughed, and have since seen web-ads for these exact Pottery Barn globes on no fewer than three unrelated websites…

    I guess maybe they’re related insofar as they all have Pottery Barn ads, which maybe says more about myself than I cared to share in this forum. Hm.

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