My movie Expendable is finally finished, and you can watch it right here:

I really am very proud of the film, and to those who’ve watched it and enjoyed it already, thank you very much for the kind comments. It’s been a lengthy labor of love, and I’m indebted to the fine folks who’ve helped me along the way, including the peerless Kris Straub and Dave Kellett (contributing original music and voice talent, respectively) as well as hardy fans Pete, Badger, Nato, and Annabel, who showed up on set and worked like they were getting paid.

The reason for making a film of this scale and complexity is that my co-writer, Todd, and I are hoping to generate enough interest in the property to make a full, feature-length version. So I’d like to ask that if you’ve enjoyed Expendable, if you’d please blog about it, or send the link to a friend, or perhaps pick up a DVD. All these things help the process immensely — it only takes one single viewing by the right person to set unpredictable wheels in motion.

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