Last day for calendars is December 18!

Thanks to everyone who’s pre-ordered a copy of the 2014 Wondermark Calendar! As of this writing, less than fifty copies remain. UPDATE: They’re sold out!

Above are some of the characters from this year’s calendar; below, an in-progress shot of me working on the text. I like to hand-write stuff like this; I carry tattered scraps of paper around with me for weeks, scribbling on corners while in line somewhere, or knocking out a couple paragraphs at the diner while having lunch. Filling up the pages with handwriting really makes me feel productive, too.

Here’s a little peek at the finished calendar pages.

The calendars are at the printer right now, and I expect them to start shipping out to you later this week. If you’d like a copy but you haven’t secured one yet, now’s the time!

Tomorrow, December 18, will be the last day for any orders from (which includes greeting cards as well). Orders received after Wednesday will ship in the new year.

This year we’re doing something new, and that is offering the new calendar bundled with a piece of original art from last year’s calendar, The Gaxian Almanac. The Almanac was made of 29 paintings of famous figures in Gaxian history, and we’re matting each original watercolor painting with a translucent overlay bearing the caption from that particular card in the calendar.

The paintings (signed by both me, the penciler, and Max, the painter) are available in the Art Collector Pack option (which includes the new calendar and new book as well).

I’ve had a lot of fun writing this year’s new calendar. I got to imagine not just backstories for the bizarre Roll-a-Sketch characters that it portrays, but also the temperaments and habits and environments and lives and loves of these strange little beasts. Where did each one come from? In its own world, did it occur naturally in its strange form? Was it somehow bred? Constructed? I discovered that the answer differs in every case.

Here are two examples of 2014 calendar pages (click for bigger)!

I’m very grateful to those of you who indulge these strange flights of fancy of mine, and I hope you enjoy having these delightful artifacts of a ridiculous world as a part of your life throughout the year.

Roll-a-Sketch Yearbook: 2014 Graduating Class.
Produced in limited edition. Less than fifty copies remain. ALL GONE

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