Interview: The Sound of Young America

The Sound of Young America

New today: I’m interviewed by Jesse Thorn on the Public Radio International program “The Sound of Young America,” a show featuring notables from the world of entertainment. Don’t know how I got on there, but nobody say anything.

Nutshell quote: “If I’ve done my job right, it looks like a Victorian engraving of a ninja on a unicycle.” (in reference to)

The show’s available as a direct MP3 download, or stream it right now:

For more info, or to subscribe to the podcast (which I highly recommend), visit

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  1. I heard this interview and have been clicking “Random” on this site for an hour now. I would worry about my job, but I showed one of your strips to my boss, and I think he’s doing the same thing.

    Thanks for a unique, clever strip!

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