New Valentine card design!

It’s time to buy Valentine cards! I say this on January 9th so as to make absolutely certain that everyone who would like Valentine cards, whether you live two blocks from my house or in Darkest Kathmandu, can have cards in their hot little hands by February 14th.

Also here is a brand-new Valentine for this year (click for bigger):

And to come clean NOW would just be so AWKWARD

This and four other Valentine card designs can be had at the good ol’ Wondermark Goodsery!

A few other things of note at the Goodsery — we’re still selling calendars, by Jove, and as 2009 marches steadily along I can’t recommend heartily enough that you pick up one of these babies before they disappear for good. As of this second, we’ve got only 42 left, and that is it.

We’re also still giving away free gifts with purchases of over $40 and $75 through the end of January. A calendar and some cards will hit that mark easily; or a calendar and a nick-and-dent book, of which we now have several:

Minor damage. Nothing horrible, usually.

(for example)

These books are discounted due to minor damage sustained in shipping and storage. You may not want to give them as a gift, for fear of being labeled a terrible person who gives gifts that are mildly damaged, but (while supplies last) they’re a fine addition to your personal library at significant savings over the brand-new price.

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