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  1. Mr. Malki !, I love this drawing. It is quirky, funny, superbly drawn and aesthetically pleasing, but above all, it is inspiring. Now, this might sound a little crazy, but just hear me out.

    It catches a single moment in time, a snapshot, and we the viewers have no idea what was going on before hand, or what will happen next. It opens up infinite worlds of opportunity!

    Mr. Elephant (for lack of a better name) has lived an entire life up until this point in time, this single frame in a life-long movie. A life full of every little twist and turn that every life has. He has felt sorrow. He has felt joy. He maybe has even felt love, and maybe he has love, or maybe he doesn’t. He could be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Wiccan. . . he could be a priest or a Native American shaman! He could be a rocket scientist or a janitor! A rock star or president of the United States! (Note: Given the wackiness of today’s politics, these are not mutually exclusive)

    Point is, he has lived an entire life up until this moment, and everything that he has experienced, everything has done has contributed in some way to WHO HE IS at this moment in time. This temporal snapshot! Same goes for Mr. Rhino (Again, for lack of a better title) There is now TWO entirely different worlds, that until this moment existed separately, caught at a standstill the moment before they collide.

    Which brings us to the present, what is happening at this very moment, our handy-dandy little transient polaroid. Mr. Elephant (Who could very well be named Blodeuedd, ancient celtic name meaning “Born of flowers”, for all we know) appears to walking. . . down the street? Down a dark alley, about to be mugged? Down an aisle stuffed with tomes at a dusty old bookstore that is always freezing cold because that is how the eccentric old giraffe who owns the place likes it? In a sub-zero temperature freezer in a top-secret CIA vault? Down the road to his mystic pagan winter solstice celebration? To the grocery store? We have no idea! And what is Mr. Rhino (Or Ms./Mrs. perhaps?) doing? One foot is off the ground, maybe he’s hurt it. Maybe he’s playing hopscotch because he’s seven years old. Maybe he just enjoys going places on one foot.

    And that brings us to what is going to happen after this moment, our little photograph in time? If Mr. Elephant is walking, where is he walking to? Is he late? Is it important? And Mr. Rhino? Is he about to trip and break his arm? Causing Mr. Elephant to stop and help, in turn making him late? Is he going to kick up a bunch of snow in Mr. Elephant’s face because Mr. Elephant rubbed his girlfriend’s horn last night at the bar? Or her scaley tail? (She could be a Komodo dragon.) Or her rough, coarse fur and webbed feet? (Capybara.) Or maybe he’s dancing and is going to ask Mr. Elephant to join in. Or maybe they KNOW each other! They could be friends! Or brothers! Or romantic partners! Maybe he’s dancing because they just got married in New York! Maybe he’s dancing because he’s opposed to gay marriage and his state just banned it! Maybe he’s a street performer! SO many options! Possibilities!

    There are just so many different possible worlds that could be brought into existence from this single drawing! I just thought of another one! They don’t even have to be an elephant and a rhinoceros! They could be humans dressed up as those creatures! Or any other kind of animal dressed up as another for that matter! See? It’s that easy!

    What I would like to say is, thank you Mr. Malki !, for creating so many different worlds, just waiting to be discovered and explored.

  2. All I’m saying is, it looks like a pachyderm version of ‘Coming To America’- ‘I will live as one of them and find a beautiful wife’ ‘Oh, Babar!’

  3. Dave!
    Your winter scene is a foreshadow of things to come. Winter is imminent here in South Dakota. The cold temperatures force us to crank up our furnaces and take hot showers, resulting in dry, rough skin such as an elephant would have. Also, we are mostly Republicans.

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