Guest comic for Dinosaur Comics!

I have done a guest comic for Dinosaur Comics today! Ryan North is getting married (to his fiancée) this weekend and he asked for some fill-in help for the occasion. Everyone else leaped on the wedding and honeymoon fill-in positions but I just made a comic. I am already married, you see!

If you’re not familiar with Dinosaur Comics or its established canon, check out this episode in which characters are handily introduced all round, this episode about the phenomenon of island dwarfism and certainly also this follow-up! Not only will reading these fine and hilarious works give you a firm working knowledge of Dinosaur Comics but they also conveniently are exactly what you need to understand the specific references in my guest comic.

Congratulations Ryan and Jenn! I wish you both at least five years of happiness. I have learned the secret to a successful marriage, and I will tell it to you right here because we are friends and I want you to be happy until such time comes that I can somehow profit from your sadness. If that day never comes, then I want you to be happy forever!

Are you ready? Lean close, here is the secret!

lots of snuggles

p.s. here is another Guest Dino Comic I made a while ago, referencing this Canonical Dino Comic!

4 thoughts on “Guest comic for Dinosaur Comics!”

  1. Also, lots of smooches! Although perhaps not in the early morning at Oh-my-God-o’clock when the other person is still sleeping and you sneak up and pounce on them and they wake up startled from a really awesome dream. That way lies anti-snuggles. Ahem.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! I thoroughly enjoyed your guest comic! I think it was the fact that they were cute animals talking, instead of just another 19th century dude. Also, ruthless capitalism is a funny and important thing to bring up.

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