Greeting cards are only available through Wednesday.

The last day to make orders through my in-house store will be Wednesday, December 15. I’ll be closing the transom so I can focus on shipping calendars, making comics, and traveling for Christmas! Besides, that’s about the point where it starts becoming too late to order greeting cards anyway — you wouldn’t have enough time to receive them and then send them back out before Christmas. So! If you’d like to order cards, you have through December 15 to do so.

I’d say you have that long to order calendars too, but I’m fairly certain those will sell out before then! As of this exact instant, there are less than two dozen calendars left. Grab one now, or forever hold your peace. And many thanks to those of you that have picked one up already! I am holding your orders warm against my bosom and we’ll be shipping them out as soon as production is completed.

TopatoCo has announced their holiday ordering deadlines too — they’re giving domestic orders only until mid-next week as well, if you’d like a guaranteed arrival before Christmas. My friend Chris Yates now has the commercial version of his famous Baffler! puzzles in his TopatoCo store, and of course there are a million billion great things at TopatoCo generally. ONE-STOP HOLIDAY SHOPPING if you ask me!

Oh you didn’t ask me? You were talking to the guy behind me? Sorry I got confused for a second.

(P.S. San Francisco! See you tomorrow at Bazaar Bizarre!)

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  1. I, on the other side of the known world, ordered in time, and received my cards already, complete with a cheery note, and I would wish that to serve as an example to all. As they say not far from here, I am proper made up, and I thank you.

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