Check out: Sam Bosma’s dungeon-sports comic FANTASY BASKETBALL

At SPX the other week I picked up this comic by Sam Bosma and I really loved it! FANTASY BASKETBALL is a 40-page story about “teamwork, dungeon-crawling, bosses, ancient tyrants, and the greatest sport in the world.” You should read it!

Sam sold out of his first printing of physical comics, but he’s got a pre-order up now for the second printing. The books have screenprinted covers and risographed interiors for a slightly pulpy, authentic comics feel.

The cover is a two color screen print on French Paper’s Speckletone line (I think the exact color is “Madero Beach”. Sort of an off-white with little dark specks in it. The covers were printed by Jimmy and Dan at Pizza Party Printing in Baltimore. The pink and indigo inks were mixed by the printers. They also scored the covers and made a couple cuts to crop them pretty close to size (though I trimmed the books once they were assembled).

The interiors were risograph printed by my pal Kris. They were printed on sheets of Staples’ brand cream pastel paper. It’s pretty thin (20lbs), but it has a nice rough texture and takes the riso ink really well. I toyed with printing the things digitally, but in the end, I’m really happy I went with riso printing, since it adds a really nice textural quality to the work. (from Sam’s tumblr)

Or, you can get the digital version right here on Gumroad, right now!

Either way, I recommend you get a copy! I really liked it and I hope you do too.

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