Interactive text & audio version of the THIS IS HOW YOU DIE story “YOUR CHOICE”

This image is by Graham Annable, and it’s from our new Machine of Death collection, THIS IS HOW YOU DIE (which is out now!) It illustrates a story by Richard Salter called “YOUR CHOICE.”

It’s a choose-your-own-path story, so we thought it’d be neat to put it up as an interactive website! You can read and click on links to choose your path, AND we’ve gotten special permission from the publisher to include the audiobook narration as well — so if you prefer, you can let the website read to you. WHAT A FUTURE WE LIVE IN

(If you like this story, and haven’t picked up the book yet, we’ve got a bunch more free excerpts for you to check out as well.)

“Big ups” to Ryan for adapting his To Be or Not To Be choose-your-own-path program for this story!


Hope you enjoy!

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