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Hey so my book Beards of our Forefathers has been nominated for an Eisner Award this year! The book is up for Best Humor Publication, which is a tremendous honor. If you’re associated with the comics industry at all, you know how big of a deal the Eisners are — and you may even be eligible to vote!

If you’re a comics professional (artist, writer, inker, colorist, letterer); a webcomic creator; a publisher or editor; or you own or manage a comic shop, you ARE eligible.

So if you’ve read Beards of our Forefathers and enjoyed it, please consider casting a vote at eisnervote.com! (Voting closes on June 15.)

tweet me right

Speaking of voting! I’ve participated in a contest called “Tweet Me A Story,” where participants are challenged to write 140-character-or-less stories based on a provided term. The first round of the judging is over, and two of my stories have made it to the finals in my category!

Starting June 2nd at 9am Eastern, the finalists are put up for an audience vote, and the top vote-getters advance to a grand-championship round. Here’s where you can read the top 15 stories in my category and vote for your favorite!

We've got pep!

While we’re talking about Twitter, I want to tell you about a cool new project I’m involved with! My good friend Kris Straub and I are starting a podcast called “Tweet Me Harder.” We’ll stream it live as we record it, so listeners can respond to us in real-time using Twitter — then Kris and I will use the listener comments as springboards for further conversation and raucous comedy hilarity. It’s clearly the future of podcast talkback interpersonal activity audioblasting!

Our first show will be this Wednesday, June 3rd, at 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern. The details are here — and even if you can’t tune in live, we’ll post a recording after the show. (It is a podcast, after all.) You can also follow the show on Twitter to stay on top of everything.


Lastly — I’ll be in New York this coming weekend for the MoCCA Art Festival! This is one of my favorite shows of the year. It’s in a new location at the 69th Regiment Armory this year, so don’t go to the Puck Building and wonder where everyone’s hiding. Come out and say hello! I’ll be doing mediocre sketches galore. I am talking GALORE.

What a weird word. GALORE.

See you in New York!

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