THIS WEEKEND: Emerald City Comicon – Panel schedule!

I'M GOING TO wish they had a better promo image

It’s time once again for Seattle’s loveliest comic convention! Come visit me on the skybridge connecting the convention center with the conference center annex across the street.

I will be at the TopatoCo booth (#1102) per usual, all four days, standing DIRECTLY OVER the traffic on Pike Street. HOPE NOTHING HAPPENS LOL

I’ll have a variety of attractive wares for sale, and I will also be doing Roll-a-Sketches!

I am also participating in two panels! One I am TALKING ON and the other I am HOSTING:

THURSDAY 3/2 // 3:00-4:00 pm // Room WSCC 604

The Power Was In You All Along: How to Turn your Weird Talents and Unusual Obsessions into Authentic, Original Art

The creative world is full of copycats and trend-followers. It’s tempting to go with the crowd, but what if the real secret to success is…originality? And what if your best ideas lie hidden in your weirdest skills and most unusual passions?

Join panelists Lucy Bellwood (Baggywrinkles), Kory Bing (Skin Deep), David Malki ! (Wondermark), and Dylan Meconis (Bite Me!, Family Man) as they explain how to turn your passion for underwater basketweaving (…or whatever!) into a creative goldmine.

SATURDAY 3/4 // 5:15-6:15 pm // Room TCC 305

The Lost in Wikipedia Game Show!

Ever fallen down a Wikipedia hole? Clicking from article to article until you forget where you came from? Come watch us trap our panelists deep within the Wiki web and make them race to navigate their way back out to freedom.

Featuring Nika Harper (Wordplay), Kris Straub (Chainsawsuit, 28 Plays Later), Trin Garritano (Friendshipping, Cards Against Humanity), and Dave Kellett (Sheldon, Drive), and hosted by David Malki ! (Machine of Death, Wondermark).

I hope to see you all there!! ALL. OF. YOU.

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