Original art auction: CASUAL GAXIAN

When my friend and yours Carly Monardo said “Hey folks who wants to donate some original art to be auctioned off for charity to benefit the Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund,” I said “Well shucks I’d love to, except that my work doesn’t involve the creation of any original art!” To her credit, Carly was going to take that as an acceptable answer (and I was gonna make an exclusive print or something instead), but then I said “Dang-blast it, I wanna draw something.” So I did! And the result (that you see above) is up for auction right now as part of Carly’s Webcomics Auction For the Gulf series, which also includes many other pieces by many of my favorite people!

ANYWAY ENOUGH ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE HERE IS MY DRAWING which could very easily become your drawing (wink wink)! Edit: it’s sold! Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Original art auction: CASUAL GAXIAN”

  1. Dude! Would love to have that…

    But, the “Colbert Nation Gulf” whatever?


    It’s like the “Sean Penn Red Cup Bailing-His-Ego-Boat-After-Katrina” fund.

    Not gonna happen.

    There are real charities, you know.

    • The Colbert Nation Fund is simply a directed and public effort to support the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, an established charity in the region!

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