Caption Contest #2 WINNERS!

This time around I received nearly 800 entries! Wowsers! I took a few extra days to read them all, but here are my favorites. You can read almost 600 of them on the Wondermark Facebook page; the rest I received via email. This one was an interesting challenge because it wasn’t immediately obvious which character was talking — but the best captions made it clear at once. Common themes included: lovers’ spats; Iron Man quotes; snark about airlines; pooping-from-aloft jokes; pollution and plaid-pants references in equal measure; and long Dickensian dialogues.

There were a lot more good ones I don’t have room for, but without further ado here are some


“Augh! Why do they always go right through the crosswalk on this corner!” — Matt Perkins

“It wasn’t unusual on a Tuesday morning for Randy to simultaneously violate his restraining order, Venezuelan air space and the laws of physics.” — Dean White

“We never just talk anymore.” — Dave Miller

“With that kind of attitude, no wonder you’re going extinct.” — Christopher Halsey

“I suggest you re-read the non-compete clause.” — Marc Gabriele

“Well, the tonsils look fine. I wouldn’t charge you, but I had to build this thing specifically for this house call.” — Stacy Carson

“Good day Mr Featherbottom. I have called to enquire as to whether you are heretofore content with your long-distance telegraph provider.” — Rebecca Payne

“Cab for Mr Howl?” — Stuart Shelley

“OK, you were right. This trampoline is awesome.” — Alex K. Rich

“A machine to roll along the ground? It’ll never work!” — Bryan O’Leary

“I’m on my way down now, any advice?” — Adam Luter

“Still using the training wheels, eh?” — Patrick Lynch

“…And then I thought, ‘Well, I bet the wings weigh a lot.'” — Thomas Hicks

Now! The grand prize winner is:

Congratulations to Noelle Reed! Noelle wins a signed print of this cartoon with her caption rendered canon. Thanks for all the great entries, everybody! They were extremely fun to read.

Watch the Wondermark Facebook page for the announcement of the next caption contest!

3 thoughts on “Caption Contest #2 WINNERS!”

  1. Lots of really good ones this week. I was rooting for “A machine to roll along the ground? It’ll never work!” personally.

  2. A wealth, there was. A wealth.
    The restraining order one in the honourables was a beauty, but my personal favourite (and on a similar theme) was “For the last time…. STOP FOLLOWING ME!”
    Still making me laugh even now 🙂

  3. Did anyone enter with “MARRY ME AND I WILL WHISK YOU AWAY FROM ALL OF THIS.” Although a bit derivative, it would have suited the picture I think.

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