Caption Contest #2 now open!

I’m doing it again! I had so much fun with the last caption contest (and, of course, I had the foresight to call it “#1”) that it’s time to attempt to recreate a previous success. What could go wrong?

The fellow in the above image was actually created as part of a live panel at SteamCon last year. I couldn’t really find a home for him in a comic proper, but I just know that you will put him to good use.

As before, the contest is being held on Wondermark’s Facebook page. Leave your suggested captions there, or just read what other folks have written!

OR, you can email me instead: dave at wondermark dot com, subject: “Caption Contest #2.” UPDATE: Submissions are closed! Winners will be announced very soon!

The grand prize winner will receive a personalized print of the cartoon with their caption rendered CANON, and honorable mentions will be listed here. I’ll announce the winners on Friday, March 4 — you have until then!

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