Caption Contest #1 WINNERS!

Thanks for over 400 great entries in the caption contest! You can read them all (except for the ones I got via email, I guess) on the Wondermark Facebook page. Common themes included: “The [something] was THIS BIG,” clumsy pick-up lines, turkey/cock puns, and long Dickensian dialogues.


“You see, turkeys ain’t phony like some people.” — Abigail Lee Kirkwood

“Hey. My eyes are up here.” — Myles C. Wirth

“…So the moral of that story is, NEVER ask a Pilgrim to pimp your ride!” — Donna Teague

“I was THIS close to making the bus.” — Elizabeth Hardy

“Where I come from, ’tis the horses that be yea big.” — Noelle Reed

“Guess who ate the biggest omelette of his life this morning?” — Matt Perkins

“It’s a fixie.” — Abigail Lee Kirkwood

“Before you say anything, I’d like you to know that I got the salesman to throw in a free grooming kit.” — Michael McLaren

“One does not simply walk into Mordor.” — Ross Boozer

“Relax, it’s merely a novelty beanbag cover draped over an enormous spider.” — Mike Finke

“…and so, I rubbed the lamp, and wished for a chick with huge breasts.” — Gabriel Frank & Vijay Welch

“No, actually, we’re just tiny people.” — Justin Hoeger

And the winner is:

Congratulations to David Marks! David will be receiving a signed, personalized print of this cartoon with his caption.

This was fun! Thanks so much to everyone who entered. SHALL WE DO IT AGAIN??? I think we shall, very soon — watch the Facebook page for the announcement!

18 thoughts on “Caption Contest #1 WINNERS!”

  1. you have got to be kidding… the caption does NOT match the graphic, not in any kind of humorous way… WTF… keep your print.

  2. Hmmm. I’m seeing a T-shirt with the cartoon and winning caption on the front, and the honourable-mentions on the back.

  3. jawn: Look at his aggressive hands, angry at her shrugging off, pulling back on the umbrella. He wants her to notice his big cock pun, but she’s too visual about phallic jokes. Even the bird is glaring at her in her hoity toity hat that she carries an umbrella in the sun with, for fear that any rain might ruin it. That caption matches down to their very dress

  4. @Jawn; I find the caption chosen quite amusing because a) it doesn’t make any reference to the obvious absurdity (there is a person astride a giant turkey) and instead creates a social absurdity… a person talks about their umbrella so often to a gent that even when she is talking to him while he is sitting atop a giant turkey, she talks about her umbrella. (I didn’t enter, but if I had I think I would have said something like … ‘kinky is using an umbrella.. perverted is using the whole damn turkey.’) Yours unbearded,

  5. okay, but how does the caption fit with the hand gestures of the guy on the turkey? it doesn’t so far as i can tell…

  6. My favorite one won! That never happens to me.
    And the hand gesture do match, he is making that frustrated gesture we make when trying to say something important (say . . . the discovery of a giant turkey) and the person is so self-involved they haven’t noticed. She is equally startled not because he is on a turkey but because he is speaking to her in a rude manner.
    And yes, please do it again.

  7. Thanks, Wry Mouth. Congrats to Marks. I think my own favourites were Boozer’s and Teague’s offerings above.

  8. @ jawn re: the hands – imagine a Costanza-esque double handed gesticulation of the sheerest frustration: the winning quote is perfect.

  9. Totally deserved. This is just what Wondermark is all about! you can just imagine the extensive dialogue from Agatha about the umbrella, in true WM fashion maybe three panels until the interjection. Jolly good show!

  10. In my mind, the hand gestures fit perfectly, because they’re trying to direct the woman’s attention away from her umbrella and to his eyes so he can tell her to shut up about the umbrella, which is, of course, the joke, since he’s riding a giant turkey and no one make any reference to that. Fantastic punchline.

  11. Being fairly new to Facebook, I couldn’t figure out how to post mine there. I know, I could have e-mailed it. Here it is anyway:
    “Well, it only has about this much trunk space, but really–once you’ve put something in there, you really don’t want it back.”

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