Calendar update photos

We’ve got two people printing calendars in shifts right now, working as fast as the law allows.* We’re about 80% done with everything, and I still expect to be shipping these out on Saturday.

*By which I mean, of course, the physical law that governs the drying time of ink. Perhaps it’s Squid’s Law? I hereby postulate Squid’s Law as: “Things take twice as long as you expect, three times as long as you have, and four times as long as you want.”

We mixed up a custom color of ink for part of it, because apparently I hate doing anything simply?

It is very messy.

Monday the 19th will be the last day to place any orders through my in-house store before I leave town for Christmas. I cannot guarantee that anything purchased now will arrive at any given time, because I cannot control the post office, but we are doing pretty well at shipping all orders within 24 hours.

Here is a sketch I did at the Renegade Craft Fair last weekend!

It is a profound metaphor for AMERICA

2 thoughts on “Calendar update photos”

  1. The giraffe is the rich white man and the car is the slave? I suppose that makes sense. I wouldn’t have made that connection without your caption, though. Sorry.
    I would have assumed the giraffe is blind and went on a joyride in the zookeeper’s new car. I’d draw a “Later:” picture with the poor blind giraffe in traction trying to reach some leaves through a hospital window with his long tongue. Then the Geico gecko visits the zookeeper to inform him his coverage doesn’t extend to non-human drivers (for which he has a lawsuit pending).

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