SECOND LOOK at the 2018 Wondermark calendar!

Here’s another look at some of the characters featured in the 2018 Wondermark Calendar! Those are the Brothers Santarelli there, Leopolt and Drachma, and their father, the patriarch, Edouard Santarelli.

The calendar follows them through some quite dramatic events!! I don’t want to show TOO much more, because SPOILERS.

Updated to addPlease note: calendar orders will not ship until January. The printer has been working on tamping down this thing’s EXTRA GOOD CONTENT and it will not be ready before I leave town for Christmas! I’ll get out everyone’s orders as quickly as possible upon my return.

I was a later than usual getting the calendar on sale this year, so I expect we’ll still be selling them in the first week or two of January!

[ The 2018 Wondermark Calendar ]

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